In 2011, Contec, established with an association of Turkish – German, has started to manufacture high technology plastic bag converting machines in İzmir facility with its knowledge and experience in plastic bag sector over 40 years.

In our 3500 m² facility, with our young and dynamic team has composed of 40 people and by getting together German technology, experience and discipline with Turkish engineering and dynamism, we’re keep on working R&D and innovation focused.

With original construction solutions have strong R&D, we meet the customer needs include high technology, sensitiveness and performance to improve their efficiency and competing power in both domestic and external market.

We take place among technology leader firms with our customer network get into 20 different countries especially in EU.

By force of this, we improve our technology infrastructure in a way of fitting EU standards by investment contracts with leader firms in their sector like Mitsubishi and Yamazaki Mazak. All the same we generate new employment opportunities.

With R&D projects we built up and accepted within TUBITAK and EUREKA, we improve the experience of making projects associated with other countries, the awareness in academic area and the value of our brand equity day by day.



  • To be a universe authority in machine sector


  • To meet our customer’s increasing expectations with accurate technology and accurate timing in strong competing environment; while doing this, to act in the knowledge of our responsibility to environment and human, with insight of sustainability and with innovative point of view always.


  • Respect to human
  • Respect to environment
  • Sustainability
  • R&D
  • Perfect product sensitivity
  • Zero west
  • High speed

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